The main reason why doing business with these get-funded programs is a bad idea...

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  1. traider


    If they don't let you trade live accounts even after passing evaluation, then it's really shady and their interests are opposite yours. You can usually tell if it's sim by the fills or by checking the actual time and sales.
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  2. traderjo


    Absolutely true .. after passing the test if the company "is going to pay any profits out from the subscription fees of others " A) it is unethical and B) proves that the "Company" survives on test fees and not on real profits and C) that mean you are not really funded at all and your trades don;t go to the market
    What if by luck or skill all those who pass make huge profits and the accumulated "Failed test fees" are not enough to pay out!
    so THIS ENTIRE BUSINESS PRACTICE IS DODGY ( still legal somehow )
    I stand corrected if none of these companies do not indulge in such practices :sneaky:
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  3. traderjo


    It is not an apples to apples comparison IMHO
    C2 is copy trade service you just auto trade follow other peoples trading and TST and others are so called Pay test funding
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  4. traderjo


    Based on "following rules" you can;t complaint you signed up for it!
    rest of your criticism is understandable
    What is happening is becasue you admit breaking rules all of your other points are ignored by those who support this business model
    Keep these two things separate
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  5. JSOP


    If you were able to make that much money in such a short time, you could very well be making this much for yourself. Why trade for others to let them take a cut of your profit? As what I always tell others here, get a day job or do whatever to accumulate some trading capital and just trade on your own. You don't need those prop firms. And for that prop firm, it's their loss to let you go. For you, it's a good thing that they did. Now you can enjoy 100% of your profit. :)
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  6. Laissez Faire,

    I am not sure with the problem is buddy. Everything is fair about TST and laid out for the trader.

    I like the funding companies, because the give trader's with no capital to get funded if they can trade profitable and follow the rules.

    If you follow there rules, and you think you can make money within their trading rules limits, they join it and go for it.

    If you do not like the rules, do not join the funding program and trade however you want. However, I myself and maybe others like their rules.

    I think their rules are fair. Because the rules are written out before I play the game.
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  7. Hello Laissez,

    You see what you wrote, "don't truly have any interest".

    You still think these trading companies, and trading gurus or trading teachers or whatever, give a F**K about you. That is your problem buddy.

    I told you, in this trading business noone gives a F**K about you or me. In this trading business you have to do your homework before paying for stuff, cause there is alot of salesman taking money from people selling traders stuff that does not work.

    Man, when it comes to making money, alllll that caring and best interest for the trader is for the birds.

    Next time follow the rules of the funding program or trade your own money and follow your own rules.

    Nice and simple
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  8. Laissez Faire,

    TST is in business to make money sir. They not in business to lose money.

    If traders make money and follow the rules and get funded, they make no money.

    If traders lose money and break the rules, they make money.

    Very fair playing field to me.
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  9. traider


    If you never get to trade live it means that you win and they lose. There are a lot of things that the company can do to make a short term trader lose such as spiking data to trigger stop loss etc. It's like the bucket shops of the past
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  10. I'm not sure why you bring up C2 in this thread or as a reply to the post you quoted. I never compared TST and C2.

    Actually, I'm not really complaining it. I just added it as further proof that they're not really interested in funding a successful trader as they eliminated my account on their own discretion 16 hours after breaking a rule and while the account was at equity highs.
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