The magic power of compounding

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  1. Okay, this is it. This is the official kick-off of my new year project in ET. Not what you might have expected, this thread is not limited to finance and trading where compounding has been well known and perhaps over stated. My project intends to take a new approach to revisit this universal rule through its real life applications in many areas including literature, natural and machine software, religion, as well as finance and trading. My goal is to ensure that I, yes that is myself, grasp the true meanings behind the magic power and let it work for my life.

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    You go QDZ. Tell it like it is!!
  3. Thanks, Maxpi. Okay, I am starting to roll this thing. But before anything else, let me adopt a few rules first.
    1. This is MY thread, leave if you don't like.
    2. Please participate in this thread as LITTLE as possible, even including the reply like Maxpi's which was posted earlier before I expressed my wills. The reason is this. If you reply here too much, you essentially increase my thread into higher risk of deletion. I reserve the right to ask ET to delete your post in my thread. I hope ET will help me.
    3. To ET, if you don't like what I kept in my journal, let's talk about it before you delete everything good or bad alike.
    4. As you may have understood, this thread is not only about trading. It's about everything in life. The organization of some content will be very loose while other topics try to follow some patterns.
    5. Reading and giving advice/comment in private messages are welcome.

    So that's is for now. I will write when I like to.
  4. Experience of success, accomplishment or all good things in difficult time means more than in easy time.

    Seize easy time but never stick to difficult time.
  5. Leadership wanted everywhere.

    We demand more leaders who have positive perspectives and attitudes than we already have. We call them cheerleaders.

    Following a promising leadership is one of the obvious keys to success.
  6. I know difficult time may happen from time to time. It is not avoidable. More difficult time may follow. Staying cool is one of the smartest and safest things to do. Do not lose my nerve. I know odd is on my side and I know I can afford it.

    Detach. Detach. Detach.
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