The Madness of a Lost Society

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  1. Shopping is the opiate of many Americans. Can't holidays be celebrated with more time with friends and family without being stressed by this holiday shopping and expectation of gifts. I much rather spend time together with those I care than waste the time shopping for junk that neither cares for.
  2. If I live to me one million, I'll never understand it.
  3. I agree, those people in the video are twisted, lost and probably so broke that the cheaper prices are their only hope of buying a gift... or buying in general.

    However, the authors "Scare" tactic's are right up there with the Bafoons in the video. Very few people own actual physical metals. I purchased about 10K work of gold bars about a year and a half ago. It' isn't much and I'm able to store it myself. But if you were to buy a shit load of gold, you have to store it. That cost money. And if the economy goes the way the author is hinting...then gold isn't worth shit to me. Give me chick'ns, cows, land and pussy. However, I did not buy the gold because I fear a total eclipse of the economy. I bought it for investment as I didn't want to deal with futures.

    I do not have food stored. I live in Texas, not worried about Food, Oil or Guns. I do have a AR 15, and a 9mm. Soon to get a 45 auto. But these are for fun. I never owned a gun in NYC or, I'm learning how to be handy with them and hit the mark on spot. It's better than Paint Ball.

    IMHO the dollar is not going to collapse. We are not going into a world war with china.

    That being said. I'm looking to go long the dollar. Yet, I missed the last mini rally in the dollar this past few weeks. So, I will wait for a pull back.

    Have we seen a loss of purchasing power, yes. But a total collapse no.
    are the Politicans and Fed fucking up the country. YES!!!! But to a total collapse no.

    The future holds this imho: If you make money, you will live a great and fab life. If you live off the goverment, if you are in massive debt, if you are like most of those people in the video...your fucked. Will they riot in my Will they riot in their own area...yes.

    But here is some food for thought. How about the hords and hords of "Wana" be ballers that went out and bought to much house, to much car, to much credit ? The college educated middle class folk. Are they not like the bafoons in the video? I'm talking your average Suit and Tie monkey. The average Soccer Mom. I'm talking mid level managment, the one that most of you work under.
    Those fucking idiots are not better than the bafoons rushing in to buy shit.

    Wake up. Your neighbor is probably as bad if not worse than those in the Video.
  4. More madness but the crash is probably not til 2013 and I'd wager it'll be Japan or the IMF that's the sudden problem.

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    Long live teh Bernank!
  5. Another interpretation of this video is people simply want to give their children and loved ones some enjoyment by buying them a gift that they want before it is sold out. This same black Friday rush has been going on for decades whether the economy is good or bad. (Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids?)
  6. The difference between the lost generation of Japan who are the 1st generation of netziens and people in the US. Is that the US is a resource rich nation. There is "something to sell" to the rest of the world ie. commodities vs. the situation that occured in Japan. There is still an infrastructure built out required and network construction. It is a land mass issue. The "Lost" generation has something to do/build.

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