The M.I.N.D Game

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  1. I have decided to start this thread to help those that are interested in helping themselves develop the most important aspect of their trading. As I will be the teacher, so as to speak, I have decided to divide the classrom into three rows.

    Row 1 for those that are interested.

    Row 2 for those that think they are interested, but are not sure.

    Row 3 for those who are not interested.

    Please make sure you are seated in the correct row, as I am sure that none of us want to interfere with the personal development of other people !

    The objective of this thread, is to solve the acronym for the thread name, The M.I.N.D Game. By the time the student has worked out the correct answer, he/she will have gained some very worthwile knowledge in relation to the psychological issues that face investors and traders on a daily basis.

    All are welcome to contribute to this thread, newbies to seasoned traders
  2. To kick off the thread, I will list some main discussion points in relation to the psychology of trading.

    1. The market is going Up
    2. The market is going Down.
    3. The market is Neutral.
    4. I was right.
    5. I was wrong.
    6. I made money.
    7. I lost money.
    8. I am a newbie trader.
    9. I am an experienced trader.
    10. I am a professional trader.
  3. Awful quiet here. Is row three filled?
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    so after class will you sell us something :p

    or even worse are you THE ONE who will teach us how to really trade.......oh I can't wait to get your edge :eek:
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    notice how when people are anonymous they are willing to be wise teachers

    give me a name and a state and we would see what you would have to say
  6. I see that we already have 2 pupils for row number three.

    I wonder which row we will fill first ?

    Seems like a no brainer really !
  7. I will continue regardless, as pupils should never be allowed to control the class !

    As of now, the ES is at 1472.

    It has come off its low of 1462.50, and traded in a range spanning from 1470 to 1465, and now has broken up to hit a recent high of 1472.50.

    The ES is now at 1471.25.

    What way is the market going ?

    Up, down or sideways ?

    1470 as I post !
  8. I like this part.
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    so you post information we all have access to

    wonderful wonderful tell us more :p :p
  10. Well, ok i will bite... :D ...

    The average volume for the ESZ7 futures today is less than 20% of average at this time of day compared to the last 20 days which means<br> the Floor Boys are running the show and whipping the market around...

    tuff day to trade when the volume is so low on the futures... and the market makers can fade logical trends...

    Fading the Highs and Fading the Lows along with the Floor Boys is a smart play...

    Breakouts don't have the volume or participation necessary to continue... unless we get a news event... nothing yet...

    Outside paper - Big $$ - is not very involved today... again reflected in the futures volume...

    The AD/DCL for the SP500 is 94 / 500

    The SP500 index net change is -.13 and the SP500 Vol Sum Difference is a negative -530 million and falling (Up Stocks Vol - Down Stocks Vol only for the SP500)

    So fade dem rallies and cover shorts at any intra day lows or obvious support... fade dem lows and cover longs at any intra day highs or obvious resistance...

    attached is a 20 day average Vol Breakdown sheet by 15 minute bars and by moment in Time bars for the ES...

    So de answer for this ES volume profile Vol Sum and Vol Diff is = Up - Down - And Sideways... All three with the high percentage play being a fade play... as of 10:31am PST...

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