The luxury car detective

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    The luxury car detective: Joe Ford, a self-employed car detective, searches the world for stolen rare automobiles on the black market. The case he’s on now could set him up for life—if he’s not outsmarted by a skilled network of criminals and cheats. Check out this twisted, worldwide hunt for a $7 million stolen Ford Talbot Lago. (Esquire)

    “The FBI says this is the most fun case they’ve ever worked—and I’m going to help them solve it.”
  2. If the criminals are so smart should he be publicizing the investigation?
  3. I assume he gets some sort of commission for each car?
  4. Pekelo


    Did the thieves put up the car on Ebay?
  5. CNN says it's on craigslist, and it's Trump's fault
  6. I wonder how many he steals himself just to get the reward money?
    Probably has a nice crew of thieves on the payroll
  7. That sounds like too much of an effort for the rewards for individual cars.