The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum ...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Onra, Apr 5, 2021 at 6:32 AM.

  1. Onra


    Schermafbeelding 2021-04-05 om 12.08.52.png
    Post after post of useless vague talk.
    This has been going on for weeks and the Mods don't seem to care :mad:

    I spent my whole Easter putting those idiots on ignore, but they keep popping up in "Threads with Recent Posts"...!

    They're bots because:

    ▪ never say anything meaningful; just repeating generic BabyPips/Investopedia stuff
    ▪ don’t react to long time posters
    ▪ only respond to other “newbie / bots” (and are able to give them likes)
    ▪ never discuss methods, concrete ideas or P&L
    ▪ post one or two sentences, seldom more
    ▪ typically post 2 or 3 times in a row on different forums and disappear for a few days
    ▪ promote brokers like FxView; often by naming them together with a reliable broker
    ▪ sometimes the bot language get mixed up and they really talk BS
    ▪ are active in and start Forex threads
    ▪ the next step is infiltrating in other threads, constantly trying to switch the subject to brokers

    Let's vote for an “Ignore Thread” button!
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  2. JSOP


    So just don't reply to them. That's ignoring them right?
  3. Nobert



    Well, 50% of it came from one member.

    Maybe a young person eager to learn quickly. Better than get rich quick.

    Maybe bots who knows.

    But dat title. Lol.
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  4. maxinger


    So who is the worst Lunatics?

    the worst are those who created multiple new threads,
    post hundreds of posts every day.
  5. themickey


    How many on your ignore list?
    Can you beat ~540?
  6. Onra


    :wtf: noooo...
    Glad you have forgotten me :D

    Around 100 for me. So is there anything left to read?
  7. Onra


    but their BS triggers something in me that has...
    well..., nothing to do with a Christian Easter spirit...
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  8. Onra


    You like a post or two yourself Max..! :D
    An Ignore works in an otherwise interesting thread, but I'd like to skip a whole thread.
  9. wrbtrader


    Hopefully you or anyone has not been posting replies to those you consider to be an autobot ???

    If you have and they really are a bot...they'll continue or post more bullshit bot like (one sentence liners) message posts that make no sense or so vague...a lot more in a very short time span.
    • Just use the "report" at the bottom of the message or send a message post with screenshot directly to Baron about what has been occurring. Baron will fix it right away...if means he doesn't care.
    It's like answering one of those auto spam phone calls about "expired car warranty"...many others will document somehow that you answer or responded to the first then get these endless phone calls for the rest of your life until you change your number. :banghead:

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  10. themickey


    ▪ They create a post reply (usually a meaningless one liner) to very old threads.
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