The Luck Factor

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  1. here is a sample of one page


    Gunther, Max (2010-01-20). The Luck Factor: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others and How You Can Become One of Them (p. 116). Harriman House Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    well, I can't get it working, but another astute poster reccomended this book to me, and it is just like he said, "Better than all 400 other trading books I bought."

    be forwarned, there is another newer book with the same title written by somebody else.

    the one you want is by Max Gunther written in 1972

    it disusses all the things that have ever perplexed you about luck.

    you can buy it for 2 bucks on kindle for pc
  2. yes, he discusses all the ideas about it in a very rational but open minded way.

    Especially randomness which is always discussed by mathmaticians.

    He interviews common people, stock traders and gamblers, and justs asks them their opinion on luck.

    There are some outlandish stories (one of which I have already proved to my own satisfaction is a lie.)
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    I know people that are consistent winners at everything they gamble on. Two of them were at a bingo game, I was there, out of a hundred or more participants they won more times than they lost and even got the door prize. One of them wins a few hundred every time we go to the slot machine places. She only plays for fun and only plays when she feels like it. I've watched her play the slots, she follows her intuition. I will have the same intuitions but I won't follow them like she does.. her personality type is the rare INFJ...
  4. Just bought it. I want a little understanding of why I am so unlucky.
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    Nonsense. Playing slot machines only requires dumb-ass luck against better judgment. I've read a couple of Gunther's books, although not the captioned one. I doubt that's what he had in mind.
  6. The book is somewhat interesting but won't change your life. His basic conclusion is that 'lucky' people exhibit certain behaviors and attitudes that 'unlucky' people tend to lack: openness to new experiences, constant pursuit of new opportunities, readiness to take risks (pursuing a dream, starting a business, uprooting and moving across the country for a potentially better job, etc.), and of course a high level of sociability.

    The most interesting bit I remember was when he discussed a survey of Princeton graduates at their 25th reunion, which found that those who reported the greatest life satisfaction had changed jobs much more frequently, and often started several businesses, compared to those who were not particularly happy with their lives.
  7. Which one? Just curious.
  8. the guy who found $5 on the floor at the casino. They claim they woudn't pay the called bet because he didn't have $5 in his wallet. What happened to the bill he found?
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