The Loss Adder

Discussion in 'Options' started by babutime, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Post a losing trade and and the loss on it. Also post the number of contracts. If it includes stock, 100 shares will make up for 1 contract.

    The next poster adds to the previous poster's loss and also adds to the previous number of contracts and does the math all over again for Loss Per Contract (LPC)

    It should be interesting to note how much ET members lose over time. Everyone seems to be focusing on just the winners. Lets see how much we, as a collective, lose!


    So I'll start:

    Underlying: SODA
    Loss: $102
    # of contracts: 1


    Total Loss: $102
    Total contracts: 1
    LPC (Loss per contract): $102
  2. Underlying: QQQ
    Loss: $0.01
    # of contracts: 10


    Total Loss: $102.01
    Total contracts: 11
    LPC (Loss per contract): $9.27

    Looks like I brought the average loss way down :)
  3. A waste of time. People here never lose.