The lonliness of trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by pbw, Dec 23, 2005.

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    How do you cope with the lonliess of trading?

    Is it lonly for you?

    Is it an minor or major distraction?

    Do you just use to it?

    comments appreciated.
  2. I pass the time by writing (often grumpy) posts on et.:D
  3. 1) Get a hot lookin girlfriend.

    2) Instruct her to arrive during the lunchtime doldrums and then give her a good shagging - yeah bayby.

    3) Resume trading in isolation

    4) Repeat steps 1-3 Mon thru Fri .

  4. In the beginning (the first 3-4 months), it was really tough, since I used to work at a broker / dealer with people reporting to me, my own assistant, and the constant interaction / banter (in the loop), etc. Of course on top of that my system wasn't doing particular well, so the psychological stress was significant.

    But I am used to it now (over a year later), the system is stable, and I am back in the loop, telling people what I do, talking to old colleagues, etc, so the distraction is much lower than before.
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    The loneliness of trading .. there are those it appears who go into fu*ked-up mode if they are not in continual company. One of the best friends and best type of company you can have is yourself. So I can work away by myself for long periods.

    But sure as hell social interaction is reviving and comforting. Everyone needs some.
  6. Hmmm, that sounds like a good plan. What if you have a wife in the house and she's not exactly going for the idea of a threesome?:p


  7. Well, ifin she's an attrctive wife then you can pass on the hot chick, however , ifin she be a bit of a dawg then follow original plan and let the bitch watch your moniter when yous havin fun. easy peasy.
  8. Nah dude, the wife was the hot girlfriend of a couple years ago. I was just thinking of a better way to *really* pass the time!:D

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    this thread will not be lengthy because to admit feeling loneliness is seen as not being macho.

    let's see if semi anonymity of this board makes a difference.
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