The long reach of the Mossad

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  1. The Mossad secret service was involved in the operation to free hostage Ingrid Betancourt from Colombian rebels, AFP quoted a Spanish newspaper as reporting on Sunday.

    Vanguardia's Tel Aviv correspondent said the Mossad operation consisted of two agents unknown to each other separately infiltrating FARC. The pair managed to penetrate the Marxist guerrilla group so effectively that they ultimately controlled what FARC did or didn't know, the Catalan newspaper said.

    The Israeli and US secret services used unmanned spy drones to locate the camp where the hostage were held, the Vanguardia said.

    According to Vanguardia, Israel, France and the US participated in the operation for different reasons: France because of Betancourt's half-French nationality, the US because of the three Americans in the group and Israel in order to maintain good bilateral relations with Colombia and the US.