The Logical Trader

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  1. This book pops up quite frequently as recommended reading on ET. Are any of you utilizing strategies based, loosely or directly, from this book.

    Just wondering whether I should plunk down cash for a copy...Expanding my trading library, and I don't want to waste $$ on one of the many trading books that are now irrelevant, counterproductive, or just plain useless.

    Perhaps any strategy, once published for the masses, is automatically rendered irrelevant. I hope not.

    Any thoughts?
  2. BENG


    The explanation of trade setups with the psychology behind the trades make this book a keeper.

    If you are looking for a sure thing or a solid trading system fully revealed, you won't find it here or anywhere else.

    I've referred to this book many times this year just to refresh myself about the mindset behind certain trade setups.
  3. thanks for your input. I realize that there is not sure thing out there, but if you can find a few nuggets of valuable information, that can often pay for your investment in a trading book.

    I take most of what I read with a grain of salt.
  4. whatisis


    If you're interested in his book, go to his website or
    You can watch for free a three day seminar which covers his ACD system.
  5. Neodude



    I thought the book was worth the money. However, if you are hesitant why don't you stop by Barnes & Noble and look through it yourself. If its not your cup of tea then you don't have to buy it.

  6. Maverick74


    Great book.
  7. I'll definitely check out that seminar online...Cool!

    I have spent my share of time reading through the first chapter or so of numerous trading books in that cheating?
  8. toryj


    Paul Tudor Jones wrote the forward, 'nuff said.
  9. whatisis


    The seminar is great, but Fisher talks a million miles a second. I only had a good grasp of what he was saying after reading his book.