The logic of an atheist

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  1. Thought this was interesting. I love how the atheist tells the Christian how he should study and get some knowledge.

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  2. There are dumb atheists and there are brilliant atheists and there are some really really really really dumb Christians.:D
  3. 2 oxymorons in that statement. Brilliant atheist and dumb Christian.
  4. I counted 3:D
  5. Peil is brainwashed and cannot fathom atheism.

    I suppose it is much in the same way that atheists cannot fathom a god.

    And the world turns.
  6. I say atheists are brainwashed. They are brainwashed to not use their God given common sense.

    I can understand that atheists do not want to believe in God. Its a very attractive "religion" is atheism. You get to do what you want without any consequences (unless the law of your country forbids it) and if the law forbids it, you just rally other people that want to do the bad stuff with you and vote democratically to get people to accept your immorral behavior.

    Look at hard core drug addicts. They love to talk about how drugs should be legalized and how it would "benefit" society and that people who have never tried hard core drugs shouldnt judge those who do them. And they also says stuff like "Its my body and i have a right to do whatever i want with it" or "I have a right to do whatever i want in the privacy of my own house"

    Atheists HATE the idea of a God that has absolutely no flexibility in what is good and bad. Atheists want a say in the matter which is why they hate Christianity and will not even consider the possibilty of God. I bet every atheist in here never really sat down and thought about life & death and why there is such things instead of nothing.
  7. I say atheists are brainwashed. They are

    brainwashed to not use their God given
    common sense.
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  8. 1. Atheism has nothing to do with wanting to get away with whatever we want without consequences...I don't need an imaginary character telling me what I should and should not do...I know it's not right to kill someone.

    2. Not sure what point you're trying to make with your drug addict rant.

    3. I am atheist, and DO NOT hate Christianity (or any religion for that matter. By the way, why are there so many different religions?).

    I have also considered the possiblity of god and the afterlife, and have concluded that it's all bullshit that someone made up a long time ago to make us feel safe and protected. "Everything will be OK because I believe in god." - it's simply not true. A very religious friend of mine once told me that all I have to do is believe in Jesus and he will accept me. Even if I massacre hundreds of people, I will be accepted, if I just believe. Pretty lax requirements, don't ya think?

    Also, I can't stand the thought of giving away my hard earned money to some nut job who gives me nothing in return.
  9. auspiv


    reason has been a part of organized religion ever since two nudists took dietary advice from a talking snake