The little satan "strikes" again

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  1. Breathalyzer test detects lung cancer: study

    PARIS — Scientists in Israel have devised a portable breath tester that detects lung cancer with 86 percent accuracy according to a study released Sunday.

    The device could provide an early warning system that flags the disease before tumours become visible in X-rays, the researchers reported in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

    "Our results show great promise for fast, easy and cost-effective diagnosis and screening of lung cancer" they said.
    Early detection of lung cancer dramatically increases the odds of survival. Currently, only 15 percent of cases are discovered before the disease has begun to spread.
    Lung cancer claims some 1.3 million lives worldwide each year, accounting for nearly 18 percent of all deaths from cancer, according to the World Health Organisation.

    What have the arabs/muslims done lately?
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    They have camels that can detect anything and tell a true believer what's up.... and they discovered zero a few thousand years back, so there...
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    I know it's going to sound absurd and hilarious, but religious Muslims will view this as just another sign that Israel is the expected Dajjal.
  4. Errare humanum est perseverare diabolicum!
  5. Blow up innocent people?
  6. Tresor


    They gave us algebra. No invention like portable lung cancer detector would be possible without Arabs.

    Would you exchange algebra for the detector?

    Lately, I think Arabs have been busy defending agains Israel's foreign policy.

  7. Algebra was created centuries ago, back when Europe was living through consequences of fall of the roman empire. Once Europe "got cooking" arabs had nothing on western civilization.

    Arab mentality nowadays is revanchism, which is a mentality of losers.
  8. Who knows and who really cares, Israel is as about as relevant as some small European state these days.
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    Oh hell yes, nobody else would have developed algebra to this day!!

    Oh, and tough shit for them about Israel, many of them were working to exterminate Jews in WW2, especially the Palestinians, now the Jews have a lot of Palestinians to just dangle them in the wind, and watch them twist and turn in the breeze, and to negotiate the peace process some more.... and to put so many checkpoints in their territory that they can't get to their shitty jobs cleaning houses in Israel... Israel has done more with the land there in a generation than Arabs did in thousands of years.. the place was barren before Israelis went there... I think the Jews are having a lot of fun there with their enemies... just laughing at them all day...
  10. LOL, what part of the word "lately" don't you understand nazi-boy? Clearly you have your own definition of the word as you refer to events that happened 1,200 years ago. And lest we forget that the arabs gave as the name "algebra", the actual science had been invented in India (and yes, 1200 years ago the arabs did make a major contribution to mathematics).

    Seriously? No kidding? All 350 million of them have been busy defending their meager 99.7% of the middle east against Israel's foreign policy? All 23 arab countries, including about 20 arab countries that don't have common borders and territorial disputes with Israel have been busy defending themselves against Israel, right? Do you think denying Israel's right to exist in 1948 and still denying it today, 61 years later is part of that defense? How about the wars they started to wipe Israel off the map, were they defensive too? How come they had enough time and resources for terrorism in Bali, Russia, Europe, Middle East, the US and Asia but no time and resources for anything positive, useful and innovative? How come 5 mln jews who were also busy defending their right to have a country could still find time and money to look for a cure for cancer (or in this case innovative life-saving cancer diagnostics technology) but 350 mln arabs, 1.5 billion muslims could not?

    My question still remains, what have the arabs and muslims done lately? The silence is deafening.
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