"The little red ship" is no more...

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    A page on the company’s Web site offers potential customers "what to expect from a G.A.P. Adventures Trip."

    "Whatever happens," the site warns, "it’s best to remember that it’s all part of the experience."



    Holy mackerel... what a stunning picture. Now, that's a real adventure cruise, alright. (Remarkably, no one was injured.)
  2. Hit some ice, huh?
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    Ya' takes yer chances with such sailing capn's as takes just anybody on board....

    I was on a whale watching cruise off San Pedro once, the guy took a boat with about 100 ppl on board into some ROUGH waters, the dang thing was rolling 30-35 degrees by my eyeball measurements for quite a while and sometimes I thought it was going on over... people were losing their breakfasts and maybe even dinners from the night before.. finally there is an announcement: "folks, this is dangerous, we are getting out of here"... 'YA THINK?" I yelled out... I had just leaned my head around a corner to light a cigarette out of the wind and when I sat back up straight I put my hand right in somebody's oatmeal... then we found some whales a few minutes later, they had sense to be in the calmer waters I guess...it was cool at that point...
  4. Heard a yarn, 'bout crossing the atlantic on a passenger vessel-not huge, but big enough.
    Similiar story, sea was so rough, waves at eye level to the captains window, only two people on board WERENT sick, one was the captain, the other vastly drunk.

    In between retching themselves, the crew were handing out towels and spreading spare linen on the halls (interior walkways-they dont call them halls on a ship do they?), so they wouldn't slip-the people who didnt get seasick as such were just barfing because of the smell, all these people violently ill, on all fours or prone, trying to navigate slippery, puke ridden floors, all over the ship.
    Reckon it took 3 days to properly clean up, though the smell lingered.

    Rather like the family guy episode, where they have an ipecac syrup race, must have been a memorable voyage.