The list of Canadian and American stocks

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    The following site provides an updated list of all of the Canadian stocks which also trade on the American stock exchanges.

    Without further ado, here is the link:

    I hope this proves to be a very valuable resource for many.

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  2. What's special about them. Thanks for the reply.
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    Those shares are from companies which are traded on both sides of the border.

    This is helpful in several ways:
    - As an American, you are interested in buying a Canadian stock for any reason. Then if this stock is in this list you can buy the US share instead of the Canadian one, which is less expensive for you.
    - As a Canadian, the same thing is true for American stocks. But furthermore, as there are much more info out there about American stocks that Canadian ones, you can do your DD on US info and then buy the corresponding Canadian stocks.

    I hope that explains why this list could be usefull.