The Limits of 'Made in America' Economics

Discussion in 'Economics' started by OddTrader, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Trump just needs to devalue the dollar by 25%... that will make the US competitive again...
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    no country has ever devalue its way to prosperity. such attempts always end in runaway inflation.
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    your remark is voodoo economics at its best. if devaluation and depreciation of the currency was a solution brazil, venezuela and argentina would be among the richest countries in the world.
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  5. effect of weaker currency of earnings is the real deal. see germany. as long as you actually got stuff to sell.
  6. America should be great again.Throw out all immigrants, no real patriots left in your government, except for mr.Trump?McCain is too old and sick - the only real patriot alive afaik.I love America even though i`ve never been there.
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    please explain.
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    Exactly... Germany's economy is very strong... strongest in Europe... that's mainly because the Euro is currently low compared to the USD and perhaps several other currencies.... which is helping their exports massively.

    The same would go for the US. You can't compare the US/Europe with Venezuela or Brazil... those are still immature economies. Especially Venezuela, that country is f%$#ed. Politically in shambles and economy isn't much different. A lower currency for them doesn't do anything, since it's all going tits up overthere. Brazil has it's fair share of issues as well... and Argentina only a short time ago was bankrupt... those things all affect the state of the economy.

    Europe and USA are totally different. They have mature leading economies. If the US wants to compete with other mature economies, their products/exports need to be of good quality and priced correctly... a lower USD will definitely help with the latter.... no voodoo necessary...
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    Good points O Trader+ i dont have problem with Andrew Carnegie selling X [ US Steel] I think Carl Ichan did real well buying a new steel mill some years back. You are right. Even if Canada is dumping spruce lumber in US. I like Canadian spruce + US pine. So they should try to settle it out of court, not more tariffs[ more tax], not a carbon tax/border tax;cut taxes as your link liked.:cool:
  10. The thing is a chairing committee of an organisation needs to generate a 5-year plan and a 10-year plan with visions.

    A country may need also 20-year plan as well as 50-year plan.

    With a systemic approach! Rather local optimisation one.

    It might be the fate for a country like Japan if no more new jobs would be generated due to suddenly AI and robots are now popping up in order to replace human labours.

    That should be a foreseeable thing. If not, a contingency plan must be urgently devised in responding to the sudden change.

    That would be people would like to hear from the administration, because people can see and feel the daily pressure and development. LOL
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