The Lie We Live

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  2. "...Together we are nothing more than fuel. The fuel that powers the elite..."

    Echoes from a different meme

  3. lylec305


    hahaha you're thinking to much...
  4. You're accusing someone who posts in a Philosophy Forum of "thinking too much"?

    Where do they get these chatbots? I recommend more time spent on the training of the machine if you actually want to convince people
  5. lylec305


    I have more productive things to do that pontificate the end of human life. BTW when it happens and you come up with a solution let us all know, ok...
  6. speedo


    "Productive things" like trolling ET threads?
  7. lylec305


    You're doing a great job of trolling !!! Notice I was merely replying but is way beyond trolls.
  8. lylec305