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  1. Democrats and Republicans go wrong when they try to legislate morality, or the lack thereof.

    1. Gays, marry all day if that is what u want to do. But we do have a cultural platform as all civilized nations do/had. When the fundamentals of that society changed, that society eventually ceased to exist. That said, marriage is about a man and a woman here. A person does indeed CHOOSE to be gay, as that involved a choice in behavior. Minorities do not chose the color of their skin. Stop that spurious correlation.

    2. 777, if you are a pedophile, then do not be surprised if you get violent reaction based on the cultural mores of this society.

    3. Miss Cali was in a popularity contest, and if she had wanted to win, she should have been mindful of that. Perez Hilton is a raging Queen and she should have smelled the set up.

    We need a third party to bring balance between left and right, as the nation appears to be polarizing.

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    What about murder, rape.... are those immoral? Will we only wait until after the fact then pursue repayment in court or what?

    Your dilemma is no different than the politically correct left. They can't make a rule that doesn't offend somebody so they throw up their hands and say "If there weren't any rules people would be good".
  3. No, each society will determine what is detrimental to it's evolution and progress.

    Rape is always harmful to society.

    Murder is quite a conditional definition as you should know.
  4. Most Libertarians are better informed.

    A recent scientific experiment provides compelling evidence that <b>sexual orientation is not a choice at all.</b>

    Quick summary of the above experiment: In 2003, scientists observed the behavior of a large flock of sheep. 92% of the rams preferred to mate with ewes, while 8% mated with other rams. The sheep were then slaughtered and their brains biopsied.

    The brains of the homosexual rams were found to be significantly <b>physically different</b> than the brains of the straight rams. Think about the implications.