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    ”Trade Faster & Smarter With Level IV™"

    We are pleased to announce our continuing series of Free Live Training Events for the Level IV™ Trading Platform by Advanced Market Systems.

    See how we bring Market Data to an Unprecedented Level - Level IV™.

    This week's offerings are via WebEx Screen Sharing.

    Click Here to See Our Course Schedule and Join the classes that interest you.

    WebEx allows pre-registration with reminder emails, but it also has other enhancements that will make our presentations more versatile and participation more intuitive.

    In short, Level IV™ is the newest, most intuitive, enhanced and advanced real-time streaming data & trading platform in the industry.

    Yes, that’s a tall claim to make and we know you will have to see it, to believe it.

    That’s why you are invited to Join Us in our Free Webinar Training Series,

    And Click Here to sign up for our FREE, No Credit Card Necessary, 20-Minute Delayed Data Version of Level IV.

    Training Schedule (See Course Descriptions, Below):

    • Tuesday - 10/2/2012 - 4:30 PM EST – Introduction to the Level IV™ Trading Platform

    • Wednesday - 10/3/2012 - 4:30 PM EST – Harness the Power of The DOMinator™ for Both Real & Simulated Trading

    • Thursday - 10/4/2012 - 4:30 PM EST – The Level IV™ Montage - 6 Patented Tools to Instantly Identify Market Maker Activity & Trading Opportunities

    These webinar presentations require a web browser and sound to fully appreciate.

    When you join a live conference, you will need to allow the WebEx Voice Over IP (VOIP) setup to run, in order to hear sound and participate in Chat.

    WebEx, by Oracle, is a professional screen sharing tool used by millions. It will allow you to see, hear and participate in my live demonstrations.

    You are encouraged to use Voice-Over-IP or the Chat Window to ask questions.

    Course Descriptions:

    Introduction to the Level IV™ Trading Platform:

    • Connecting to Live Streaming Data
    • Quickly Choosing Active Symbols for Your User Symbol List
    • Navigation: Screens™ & The Screens Navigator™
    • The Broker Manager: Activating Simulation & Brokerage Accounts
    • Charting & Chart Studies
    • Making Simple & Complex Trades with The DOMinator™ and The Chart
    • Trade Plans and Money Management
    • Introduction to the Theory behind The Count & The Rank Indicators – Sideways (Range-Bound) & Trending Type Trading Days
    • The Patented Count™ Statistics - differentiate directional markets from sideways markets - identify the moment a sideways market is breaking out for a symbol.
    • High & Low Count™ Indicators
    • The Patented Rank™ Statistic – instantly see when symbols are making new extremes for the days’ trading range – discover opportunities to trade
    • Opening Balance Theory – Select an Opening Balance Timeframe
    • Using Dynamic Sorting™ to Identify Trading Opportunities
    • Symbol Tracking with Row-Highlight and Linked Windows
    • Volume & Price Filters
    • Watch Lists
    • Setting Alerts on The Count™ and The Rank™
    • Other Selected Data Windows & Functions as Time Permits
    • Questions and Answers

    Harness the Power of The DOMinator™ for Real & Simulated Trading and Chart Trading:

    • The DOMinator™ Price Ladder – The Fastest, Most Intuitive Price Ladder in the Business • Activating Real & Simulated Trading Accounts with The Broker Manager
    • The DOMinator™ - Trade Plans View – Creating Predefined Entry and Exit Parameters for One Click Order Placement
    • Advanced Trade Management - Multi-Level Trade Plans With & Without Money Management –
    • Money Management – Automatic Order Sizing By User Selected Risk Tolerance
    • One Click Order Placement – at Market, Bid, Ask
    • One Click Flatten & Reverse Orders
    • Integrated Real Time Display of Price Volume and Profit & Loss
    • The DOMinator™ - Order Ticket View – Creating Conditional Orders
    • Chart Trading with The DOMinator™
    • Instantly Review Orders, Positions, and Trade History Through the Broker Manager
    • Level IV™ Enhanced Charting & Chart Trading:
    • • Introduction to The Chart Window
    • • The Quickest Symbol Selection & Navigation Tools in the Industry – 2-Way Window Linking
    • • The 8 Chart Types – Including Candlestick, Renko, Tick Bars & Volume Bars • Time Frames – A New Paradigm in Chart Display
    • • Chart Scrolling & Paging
    • • Get More Data – Reach Back in Chart History
    • • One Click Selection of Price and Other Studies
    • • Quick Tour of Chart Templates
    • • Introduction to Chart Trading – Point and Click Order Placement & Order Adjustment
    • • Integrated Trade Plans & Money Management for Automatically Priced & Sized Chart Bracket Orders
    • • Enhanced Drawing Tools – Add Arrows, Trend lines, and Notes
    • Questions and Answers

    The Level IV™ Montage - 6 Patented Tools to Instantly Identify Market Maker Activity & Trading Opportunities:

    Some of the features that set us apart from everyone else require that all of the Level I and Level II data be sent to the Level IV Trading Platform at all times. This lets our traders easily use all of this information in new ways for Alerts, patented Indicators, and consolidated views of Market Maker activity.

    This way we can present a side of the market that has not been presented by anyone before--a collective analysis of ALL Market Maker activity on every symbol at once. To do so, we need to calculate real-time summary information on every Market Maker's every action on every symbol, and then calculate further information off of that.

    The Level IV Montage™ is unprecedented: Level IV is to Level II what Level II was to Level I.

    In this course you will learn about our several dozen new tradable indicators based upon Market Maker activity.

    Unlike like any other trading platform, we are following the *entire* Market Maker stream for every symbol in your list simultaneously. To do this we transmit up to 10 times as much data as any other data provider.

    This is necessary as our Proprietary Indicators require real-time calculation of ALL Market Maker Activity on Every Symbol in your list at the same time.

    Thus we are sending our subscribers every Trade, Bid & Ask, on every symbol (up to 1,000) in their Symbol List in real time.

    You would have to have up to 1,000 Level II windows open at the same time, and be able to make calculations on all of that data in real time, to do the equivalent of what we do.

    Our indicators require all that quantity of data, and that forced us to make a host of innovations in data shipping and crunching. This has only become possible in the past few years as both Internet Bandwidth and raw computational power have seen exponential increases for people in home and office environments.

    Only the Level IV Montage™ offers these amazing new views on Market Maker Activity:

    • The List™ - For Each Symbol, See the Bid/Ask Volume Totals Combined from ALL Market Makers
    • The Book™ - See Each Market Maker's Book with their Bid/Ask Volumes for Every Symbol
    • The Players™ - See the Total of ALL Bid/Ask Volumes from Every Market Maker's Book
    • The Stocks™ - For Each Symbol, See Which Individual Market Makers Have the Largest Bid/Ask Volume
    • The Crowd™ - See All of the Market Makers Who are at Inside the Bid/Ask for Each Symbol
    • The Stats™ - For Each Symbol, See Our All New Level IV™ Statistics; Pressure & Pressurized Volume

    Our YouTube Channel is another good place to start learning about the Level IV™ Trading Platform.

    Join Us in our Free Webinar Training Series,

    And Click Here to sign up for our FREE, No Credit Card Necessary, 20-Minute Delayed Data Version of Level IV.

    We hope you can make it!