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    I got it yesterday from my broker (the name removed):


    We have received several complaints from Nite and other market makers of abusive order flow. Their definition of abusive order flow is day trading in and out of a stock. Bottom line - order flow that it is costing them money. The result of this type of trading is you will be cut off from the software and the free route will be disabled.

    The best way to avoid being flagged is to enter or exit on an ECN and if you have to use a market maker, only use it on one side of the trade.

    (Compnay) obviously appreciates your business, but market makers are getting very aggressive when it comes to flagging this type of order flow. If you are trading this way against market makers you will get flagged wherever you trade.

    We strongly suggest that if you like to use the free market maker routes to day trade to enter on only one side of the market to avoid being cut off.

    Thank you,
  2. How is this thread useful if you refuse to disclose the brokers name???
  3. any update on this?
  4. Just amazing. You better take it easy on those guys LOL.
  5. Stop being a pussy. If the broker really said it then u can post the name of the broker. But it sounds like complete bullshit as usual-- Another Loser.