The legendary negative 100 bagger

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    Here is a lesson How (not) to lose 100 times more than you risk. This moron sold NAKED Tesla calls when the stock went vertical for $4.50 and bought them back for $410. At least he has a positive attitude about the ordeal.

    Funniest comments:

    "The only reason why I would go to the gym after losing 140K is to get more weights for the noose."

    What we learnt here is: Instead of naked options, he could have sold vertical calls, where his losses would have been predetermined and limited.
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  2. Nobert


    One can't have both, only one :

    * Naked Calls
    * Security Analysis by B.G.
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    Tom Sosnoffesque
  4. Not to nitpick, but his risk wasn't $4.50. His max reward was $4.50
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  5. "They" never learn. Happens over and over and...

    First thing I learned when trading options was to use a risk grapher. Unlimited-risk trades have never seemed like a good idea to me. :rolleyes:
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  6. Arnie


    My goal is to get back to even on the year on TSLA alone

    Says it all.
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    That is impressive.
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    TSLA going to >1000 this guy is dead.
  9. Years ago when I was in securities school to get my Series 7 license... the instructor made it a point to pound the notion into our heads... "writer, seller, short". I can still recall seeing him harp on that.

    In recent years there have been a few big time naked call writers who have had their head handed to them... and I'll bet there are several more who got nailed in Tesla.
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    From what I know,
    Volatility is underpriced.

    You can make money 99% of the time selling it.
    But you will get rekt 1% of the time being naked.
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