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Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Jun 27, 2003.

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  1. While most of you were so fascinated by my hairy back (which, by the way, has generated a rating of 9.4 on HotorNot) you may have missed the fact that I have closed my positions on both FBC and MBT thus recording my 23rd and 24th consecutive profitable trade of 15% or better.

    As far as I know, no one on the internet, on any newsletter or on TV has documented such an amazing record. I must be the greatest stockpicker on the planet.

    Now before you go on and on about why 24 consecutive profitable trades is such a bad thing, thus revealing your envy, please be advised of the following:

    The most superior people in the world have the following characteristics:

    ==> They are a graduate of an Ivy League school and played college football there.

    Anyone else really does not measure up.

    Here the rest of my hot hot hot picks:
  2. loser
  3. So if I buy 100 stocks, sell 25 of them when they get to 15% or more, and then never liquidate the others, can I get a Mr. Market trophy?

  4. exactly


    College football in the Ivy league is an absolute joke....and so are you and your bullshit "24 consecutive profitable trades". You never closeout of your dozens of losing plays.
  6. You know . . . the stocks that Mr. Market selects are actually quite good. The way he manages his picks is a whole different story. And his ego? Well I guess it's just a little inflated. :p
  7. Actually I have 5 open winners and 6 open losers. Combine this with my 24 closed winners and zero closed losers and my record is 29 winners vs. only 6 losers. How did you come up with "dozens"?

    Remember, if you did not play football for an Ivy League University, you are not in the superior category. Does this explain the math error?
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    I've never learned to use the "ignore" feature here on EliteTrader.

    But there is no better time than right now.
  9. fan27


    hello Mr. Market. I was only able to play flag football and indoor soccer as a youth. My parents had no interest or money for me to play tackle football with the cool kids. Therefor, football at an Ivy league school was never a possibility. As a result, I feel far inferior to my fellow traders and realize that I will probably never feel the joy of having 15 consecutive winners. But because of your inspiration Mr. Market, I won't let any future children of mine suffer my pitiful fate.

  10. LOL! and it's 24 trades!
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