The Legacy of Bush

Discussion in 'Politics' started by slowdown, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. The legacy of fuck-up Bush will be historically viewed as preparing the US to elect a black guy named Obama Hussein.

    After 8 years of the worst president ever the people want radical change.

    All for Obama, Obama for all.
  2. Obama wins election, blame bush. lol :D
  3. The real legacy is worse than anyone can imagine.

    John Roberts and Samuel Alito, putting 5 catholics on the bench.

    Is that to say that I am anti Catholic?

    Not at all.

    But say there were 5 Jews? 5 Muslims? 5 Baptists? 5 Buddhists? 5 Atheists?

    5 of the 9 share the same religion, a religion which is only about 25% of the country?

    This court is not demonstrative of any semblance of a truly representative democracy...

  4. Z

    Write your congressman. Insist they write better law. This should eliminate some of the crap ending up in the Supreme court.
  5. Better law?

    The law is not the problem.

    It's the white men in the black robes who collectively have the power to determine presidential elections, women's rights, civil rights, etc.

    A presidential administration can be voted out in 4 years, we are stuck with judges sometimes for more than a generation.

  6. The last democrat to win Iowa primary and then the white house was Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton did not win Iowa (not even NH) in 1992.

    And The last democrat to win the Iowa Primary and winning the nomination was kerry in 2004 and walter mondale in 1984 before him. Reagan lost Iowa. Bush lost Iowa. Losing/winning Iowa doesn't seem to impact the end result so many people want it to.