The Left's War on Science

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    At least Stosell has Word 97 installed on his right wing computer, loving the WordArt. Just the man I will go for a lecture on science.
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  3. No publishing climate scientist denies man made global warming, but around half of the Republicans do. It's clear who does not understand science.

    Stossel is arguably one of the most prolific poster children for vulgar libertarianism. His heavy favoritism towards capitalism and other sorts of questionable nonsense puts him in direct opposition with more genuine, consistent libertarian values.

    For example: he once claimed that communism almost destroyed the American Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony with capitalism and private property saving them.[13] Left-libertarian Kevin Carson has taken him to task for this.[14]

    Conversions take place for different reasons. In Stossel's case, candidates for motivations include reflection, ambition and family ties. His older brother is Dr. Thomas P. Stossel of the Manhattan Institute.

    Or perhaps his motivations were more base. In a 1996 address to the Federalist Society, Stossel was asked why he gave up being a consumer advocate in favor of being a corporatist/libertarian shill. His response:

    “”I got sick of it. I also now make so much money I just lost interest in saving a buck on a can of peas.[11]
  4. Thanks for confirming that everything that Stossel states is completely correct.
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  5. Dear John,

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  6. Oh man that's exellent. That must have slowed down the whining little asshole a little.
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  7. It certainly did end the fake wrestler's entertainment career.
  8. Yeah, but I'm guessing even he would say it was worth it.
  9. David Schultz's wresting career ended with this incident. He was immediately banned from wrestling in America -- all because he got violent when a reporter asked him politely if wrestling was fake. A subject which reporters have asked many times and one that the federation even has a canned answer for wrestlers to provide.
  10. Relax, bro. I just posted a satisfying, feel-good gif. Get over it.

    P.S. He actually slapped Stossel twice off his feet. I think it was after that second brain pan jiggle that Stossel turned Republican.
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