The Left's New Hero

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  1. 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, who refused to deploy with his Stryker Brigade this week to protest the "illegal" and "unjust" war.

    I don’t recall there being any boxes on my enlistment papers that said “Even though I am volunteering to serve in the Army, I reserve the right to disobey orders if I don't agree with them."

    Furthermore, this guy joins after the war has already started, and suddenly has a change of heart after getting deployment orders.

    Just a matter of time before Cindy Sheehan adopts him....
  2. Well, there is some precedent to not wanting to stand behind the "I was just following orders" defense as many do consider the Iraq war illegal and full of war crimes.

    Nonetheless, I agree its a bit suspect if he enlisted after the war began.
  3. Also, there are people who went AWOL from there National Guard duties and those who took deferments... and now they are the right's leaders :D :D :D
  4. From the moonbat site

    "Supporters nationwide are mounting a national day of action today, Tuesday, June 27. Larger mobilizations will be staged leading up to Lt. Watada's court martial."

    Those ET'ers sympathetic to Watada's cause may sign a petition saying:

    "Thank you Lt. Ehren Watada for standing up for international, US and military law by refusing to deploy to Iraq in support of the ongoing illegal war and occupation.

    From the preemptive invasion based on deception, to the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and nearly 2,500 U.S. troops, to the infamous Abu Ghraib torture cells and the recent Haditha massacre, no more evidence is required of how very wrong this war is. In light of these facts, we appreciate your decision to now follow your conscience.

    We agree with you Lt. Watada, it is past time for US forces to leave Iraq. We salute your true leadership in these dark times, and believe that we can all learn something from your courage. "


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  6. TGregg


    Heh, did they choose yellow as a border color on purpose?

  7. If this young man did stand up, and risk the consequences of doing so, based on his convictions and pure belief about what is right and or wrong...and if he truly believes that the war is wrong...

    It boils down to whether he is really a conscientious objector.

    If he is, and he is willing to suffer the consequences, that is admirable to have the courage of his convictions.

    Courage, now that's something the ChickenHawks don't have....
  8. No, nothing admirable here at all. To be kind - he's a lousy soldier, who didn't follow a legal and lawful order.

    In the military, you do not have the option to pick and choose which orders you want to follow, but instead you are simply there to follow orders. It was a little bit different for this chump though, as he was an officer, he would have been in the poisiton to give a lot of orders.

    I hope this soldier enjoys his fifteen minutes of fame and several year sentence in the brig, as the left's new hero . . .
  9. Bullshit...the guy is a fucking coward. Plain and simple.
  10. I see the ChickenHawks don't like to even entertain the possibility that this man has a conscience, which is the reason he made his decision.

    The war will go on without his fighting, so have no fear you ChickenHawks...
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