The Left's Beloved Freedom Fighters: 5652 deadly terrorist attacks just since 9/11

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    "Suicide bombing is merely a tactic used by those who lack other means of delivering explosives. What happened in London occurs every time a U.S. or British warplane unloads its bombs on an Iraqi village.

    But, you may say, our forces don't deliberately target civilians. Perhaps not. But they have consistently shown themselves to be indifferent to the civilian casualties produced by their operations.

    ''Collateral damage'' is the inevitable result of choosing to go to war. By choosing war in Iraq, we chose to kill tens of thousands of civilians. It does not matter to bereaved parents whether their child was killed deliberately, as the result of a utilitarian calculation of ''the greater good,'' or of the callous indifference of officials from a distant power.

    Media have devoted hours to wondering what would drive a seemingly normal young Muslim to destroy himself and others. No one asked what would cause a seemingly normal young Christian or Jew to strap himself into a warplane and drop bombs on a village, knowing full well his bombs will kill civilians (and, of course, soldiers).

    Because ''our'' way of killing is dressed up in smart uniforms and shiny weapons and cloaked in the language of grand causes, we place it on a different moral plane than ''theirs.''

    I read an article about a Marine sniper who was given a medal at a California ceremony for having shot dead 32 Iraqis during the battle for Al-Fallujah last year -- young men who were defending their city from an invading army. A nod to their deaths was made by the sniper and a chaplain, but these are the sentiments that struck me:

    ''He didn't kill 32 people,'' said a sergeant major. ''He saved numerous lives. . . . That's how Marines look at it.'' And his mother said, ''It's difficult. You send off your little boy and he comes back a man who has protected everyone.''

    Clearly, ''our'' lives are all that matter.
  3. ^Moral relativist nonsense^