The left still uses klan tactics to achieve their goals in the south

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    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) compared the tactics used by hundreds of protesters who marched on his home over the weekend to “KKK-type of intimidation” on the Glenn Beck radio program Tuesday.

    Targeted for his work on combating illegal immigration, Kobach has certainly faced opposition in the past, but it has always been in public locations. Now, he says, “the left has crossed a line” by surrounding his home.

    Kobach said he is asking prosecutors to look into how the mob may have violated civil rights laws, explaining: “They’re called the Klan Laws…a set of laws that say you cannot intimidate an official by trespassing on his property threatening violence, [and] you cannot intimidate an individual by threatening violence so that they don’t vote or don’t exercise their civil rights.”

    After Beck noted that Martin Luther King, Jr. faced similar intimidation tactics, Kobach agreed: “This is exactly — they’re just not wearing white cloaks — but this is exactly KKK-type of intimidation.”

    The secretary of state proceeded to describe what he has learned about the protesters, organized by a group called “Sunflower Community Action.” He said the group rose to prominence around the time ACORN shut down, has “lots of money,” and at least one full-time, paid community organizer.

    And what’s unique about this protest, he noted, is that it seems to have been designed specifically to intimidate him. It wasn’t staged in a public place, where there would be guaranteed press. It happened in a suburban neighborhood where he and his family would have been isolated (though thankfully they were out of town at the time).

    Kobach noted that a police officer did arrive at the beginning of the protest, but was so overwhelmed by the mob he couldn’t even get out of his car.

    “A police officer thinks it’s too dangerous outside standing with this mob — what about the homeowner?” Kobach asked.

    He continued: “Let’s think about what the…brazenness of what the members of this mob are doing. The ones who are illegal aliens — they’re already saying let’s break the law and enter the United States illegally. Then let’s trespass on this elected official’s property, and there are a number of other state crimes…that could also apply. And then let’s demand amnesty…!”

    At this point, Kobach said he is proceeding “full-steam ahead” in his work to combat illegal immigration, though he will be forced to “beef up” security for his family.

  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Too bad he wasn't home with a shotgun. I'll bet the mob would have had second thoughts about going on his property after hearing what the chambering sounds like.
  3. wjk


    The ole mau-mau routine, often emlployed by the left. [​IMG]

    The ends...
  4. pspr


    It looks like every one of those protesters could have been arrested for trespassing. They have done this before even though it is illegal in some states.

    Of course, you don't hear any Democraps denouncing such tactics.
  5. LEAPup


    And in the words of libtard joe Biden himself, he could have fired a double barrel shotgun in the air to scare them off. Oh wait, if he would have done that, he would have gone to jail. Wow! Imagine this. Biden is a liberal shit bag. He says "you don't need an AR-15. It's too hard to aim. Just take a double barrel shotgun outside, and fire it in the air." On top of that, the thugs at this mans home are also leftist lunatics who should be dealt with harshly IMO. Only problem is, the homeowner can't legally use advice from the Vice President of the US to run off liberal trash who support the Vice President of the US...:confused: :mad:
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    Most Democraps in office are just stupid idiots. Joe Biden is honestly retarded.
  7. wjk


    [​IMG] The politically correct term is "mentally challenged".

    But he'll tell you he has a huge IQ. This might be true (probably not), but he has no common sense.

    Oh, and by the way: FUCK political correctness.[​IMG]
  8. Lucrum


    Let me get this straight, we have people who shouldn't even be in the country intimidating elected officials?
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Atleast the next time some ass hat like piers morgan asks you why you need high capacity magazines, you can respond by saying "To mow down the 150 frothing illegal liberals standing 2 feet from my front door"
  10. pspr


    I do my best to avoid using politically correct terms and prefer to use terms that were in use before this PC nonsense. I wish everyone would take this approach.
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