The left is scared sh!tless of the Tea Party movement, why?

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  1. It's clear that the left, from left message boards, to the leftist media, even to here on ET that the left is petrified of them, why?

    The left is more afraid of them than the right is supportive of them. The right wing media (fox) aren't championing them very much. Why is the left shitting their pants ??
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    Does Massachusetts ring a bell? In the heart of blue country, they lost a strong hold seat and lost badly! What do you think will happen to those races that are tight? The Dems are about to get tossed out on their respective back sides.

    It took the Republicans about 6 years to get everyone pissed off when they had control, the Democrats did it in 6 months.

    Get prepared for the biggest onslaught of misrepresentation and biased reporting from the major networks regarding the Tea Party.

    But come November all their efforts will be in vain..... it's just an attempt for early damage control.
  3. What is all the hot air and effort for? Will verbal intimidation and mocking change minds? The die is already cast.
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    Yes and they know it. That's why they will be trying to ram everything they can through congress before the elections.

  5. You have such a sense of clarity.

    The loftiness of the democratic agenda is wickedness under a demented and self serving rule.

    The democrats have attempted to appear benevolent and serve in the best interest of the people;
    however they are clearly malevolent and do not show regard for their constituents.

    That self serving evil is being exposed at the very root.
    Hence the fear amongst their ranks.

    I am hoping to see confusion and betrayal as it would be the next progression of the house of cards falling.

    Ummm ... Republicans better shape up as well. I doubt the people will put up with much more criminal behavior in DC.
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    Same thing with Palin and her supporters. Even if Palin somehow got together with the tea party gang, they still wouldn't be a major threat to the democrats IMO. However the democrats and their ilk are much more focused on these two groups than they are the obvious nonstarters (Ron Paul for instance). One has to wonder if there really is some fire under all that smoke.
  7. The Left's entire premise.... "I want what you have. And rather than working for my own, I'll take yours... and I'm willing to lie or do anything to get yours... the end justifies my means".

    The Tea Party is representative of mainstream America... and is saying, "NO THANKS"! The Tea Party is analogous to the American Revolutionaries in the 1770s.
  8. Because the Tea Party represents the true silent majority, the working class. These are the people that are typically at work, too busy for politics. They vote, occassionally, but by in large they just do their jobs and keep their mouths shut. Been that way for decades.
    Well, the working class just took a good hard screwing and the tipping point has been passed. Enough is enough. Now they'll vote in mass and they've take to the streets. Much as they want to, the Lefties and MSM can't ignore that fact. Deep down, the far left knows they are out of step with the people, way out of step. The Tea Party movement exposes that fact in no uncertain terms.
    The party in power happens to be Dems so they'll feel the brunt of the frustration come November.
  9. i dont detect fear. its more amusement. its human nature to watch freaks shows in action. why do you think reality shows are so popular. the more outlandish the more popular they are.
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    Bingo, spot on.

    Everyone wants to categorize the Tea Party as some fringe finite group, they are just the vocal members of a large middle class "center to mid-right" that are tired of politics as usual. The Left wants to keep throwing Bush in their faces, what they don't realize is that many had grown cold to the Bush administration. While the true right of these folks could not vote Democratic, both right and centrists, as well as left were wanting a change in the politics as usual, being seen in their respective parties, the center went with Obama shying away from the past 8 years or Republican rule seeking a " promised change"

    But what has been delivered is anything but promised. In fact it has been so ill taken by the majority for America, he's driving a wedge in the DNC, moderates are running in the opposite direction, an the Tea Party ( a growing number of middle class Americans) are pissed and looking for a political representation that will represent them.

    They see it closer in the Republican Party for the moment, but given the distaste for the politics that have been rammed down everyone's throat for the past 10years, I wouldn't be surprised to see Incumbents from both sides tossed out on their ears.

    The DNC errs horribly if they do not take the Tea Party serious, which I believe they do, in light of the recent attacks. But their attempt to paint them in a bad light, in stead of trying to relate and show their answers is fatal in my opinion. The majority of pissed off folks don't necessarily count themselves Tea Party members but they do share the same distaste for the current political state.
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