The Layoff Avalanche Has Begun

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    These companies have announced layoffs in the last 3 days:

    • Energizer -
    • Westinghouse -
    • Research in Motion Limited -
    • Lightyear Network Solutions -
    • Providence Journal -
    • Hawker Beechcraft -
    • Boeing (30% of their management staff) -
    • CVPH Medical Center -
    • US Cellular -
    • Momentive Performance Materials -
    • Rocketdyne -
    • Brake Parts -
    • Vestas Wind Systems -
    • Husqvarna -
    • Center for Hospice New York -
    • Bristol-Meyers -
    • OCE North America -
    • Darden Restaurants -
    • West Ridge Mine -
    • United Blood Services Gulf -

    These companies have announced closings in the last 3 days

    •Caterpillar Inc. will close its plant in Owatonna Minn.
    •Mount Pleasant’s Albrecht Sentry Foods
    •The Target store at Manassas Mall Va.
    •Millennium Academy in Wake Forest NC
    •Target Closing Kissimmee FL Location
    •The Andover Gift Shop in Andover MA
    •Grand Union Family Markets Closing Storrs Location CT
    •Movie Scene Milford Location NH
    •Update: TE Connectivity Closing Greensboro Plant – 620 Layoffs Expected
    •Gomer’s Fried Chicken in South Kansas City
    •Kmart in Homer Glen
    •Fresh Market on Pine Street in Burlington
    •AGC Glass North America to permanently close its Blue Ridge Plant in Kingsport Tenn.
    •The Target store at Platte and Academy in Colorado Springs
    •The Roses store on Reynold Road in Winston-Salem NC
    •Meanders Kitchen losing its West Seattle location at 6032 California Ave
    •Bost Harley-Davidson at 46th Avenue North and Delaware Ave. in West Nashville TN
    •Townsend Booksellers in Oakland
    •The Kmart store in Parkway Plaza off University Drive in Durham NC – 79 Jobs Lost
  2. The more, the better.

    American business needs to send a FUCK YOU AND YOUR ANTI-BUSINESS POLICES message to Odumbo.

    I'd like to see business band together.. lay off as many American workers as they can and officially make a statement of boycotting the hiring of any new American workers... until Odumbo resigns office and Obamacare is repealed.

    Of course, they won't do that... as like the rest of us... our "principles" are driven by our wallet.
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    Don't worry. The Obama economic collapse is on schedule. The odds favor that all Bush tax cuts will expire on January 1st. The FICA tax cut will expire. Sequestration will happen, too. The war on domestic energy will get a renewed push in January. Business layoffs will accelerate now that ObamaCare is going to happen and as much more business regulation that is in the pipeline goes into effect.
  4. Soon enough all these libtards prancing around here with their "strong economy" meme will be shut up for good.

    Anyone else remember that crazy bitch, Trefoil taunting everyone with his pie in the sky GDP forecasts earlier this year? or Ricter doing his "cut and paste" for every slanted MSM "economic spin" article.

    This economy is far weaker than most people realize...hell, Bernanke admitted as much with his last QE and the market has done nothing but trend south since that exact date.
  5. That's what people voted for. We must respect their wishes.:D
  6. Not necessarily. America is a Republic, not a Democracy. What we have now is basically MOB RULE!

    It's little different from King George trying to tax the colonies.. at some point, the colonies revolted... will be the same.

    It will end with bloodshed.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Quite a few of these companies are held to the WARN act, and should have announced their intent before. Interesting how they were held until after the election.
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    We all have to grab our piece of the government pie before there is no pie left. That's the way of America now.
  9. 1) That's the "straw that'll break the camel's back"! :eek:
    2) Sell, 10000, big S&P's, at the market. :p :D :p :D :p
  10. Noooooooooo, not Gomer's Fried Chicken.

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