The latest Pew Research numbers found widespread public support

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  1. Sure thing as long as that path to citizenship includes either a trip back to their country of record on their dime or 6 yrs active military duty .
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    Does that path include serving time for the felony they committed coming here illegally?
  3. Since you bring it up, as felonies go, I'd be more concerned about any alleged assaults against their own family members. It says so much more about character, don't you think?
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    You have alleged racism numerous times, it doesn't mean it's true.
  6. In your case? Sure it does. Your posts slur for themselves.
  7. Seems confusing, until you consider just how f'n stupid the average American is. Then it all makes sense.
    Listen up stooges, there already is a path to citizenship, it just takes too long. Why does it take so long? Government bureaucracy, that's why. If these morons in the federal government actually did their god damn jobs instead of creating redundant paperwork to justify all their bullshit positions, we wouldn't have such a problem with immigration.
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    Oh disagree.

    Seems like Americans understand that the Democrats would like to flood the country with illegal aliens.

    Call it what you want but that border is going to be secured.
  9. Pull your sheet off.

    I bet you agree with Zaki Baruti, the man who called Kenneth Gladney an “Uncle Tom.” Gladney, a black Tea Partier, was beaten by SEIU thugs after attending a Tea Party event.
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