The latest on tuco?

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  1. something happened to the other thread. this is very important to traders with other firms to see how this turns out so lets follow this and see how it turns out
  2. This is really odd. I am beginning to sense gov censorship. Could it be thaat Chris Cox of the SEC sent a goon squad to convince
    Elitetrader to shut this down?
  3. This could be a responce to Defendant Attornies request.
    they may feel that some dialog in the thread may strengthen
    the Gov. case.
  4. I was about to open an account with a NY prop firm. I sent my confirmation on thursday... - the infamous Tuco day.
    We agreed upon everything.

    But I didn't here back from them, I had to email twice to get an answer, and the guy answered

    "there are changes taking place I want to talk you about..."
    he said he would call me, but he didn't.

    my demo account was "locked out".

    things have already changed...
  5. my friend has a friend who's under a lightspeed llc and he said yesterday the guy said the gig was up and he had to close his account. since tuco mostly used lightspeed i'm wondering if lightspeed is pulling back? this has sent shockwaves threw the industry.
  6. my demo was lightspeed also
  7. Relax guys....the rules have been changed, the game really hasn't. Capitalism will prevail!

    These firms will change their business models to accomidate the new rules and you'll be back in business.
  8. It would be nice to have at least one thread that can track what is actually going on day to day. Hopefully ET will not kill all the Tuco story following threads as this is a big story for the prop world.
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    Wow! I just checked out their site and you have to buy a membership to trade - different levels for increased prices. Who runs this outfit, Scientology?
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