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  1. Our little idiot keeps getting better and better. This is from Hitman's latest journal. I can't wait for the day when I order Chinese takeout and he shows up with my delivery.

    One last note:

    This china/taiwan thing seems to be getting really serious now, a war maybe on the horizon. To me, there is no better time than now to seize the island with the U.S. involved in Iraq. Full scale military action may not be needed, a surgical strike could be all that is required.

    Taiwan is too valuable to China as a strategic key point to acquire. For China to be respected as more than cheap labors and products, military action on Taiwan, followed by some serious bullying in Asia (China should have no problem whasoever throwing its weight around in Asia), would give every Chinese, domestic or oversea, a greater sense of pride about our soft, lackluster, passive government.

    An iron hand is needed here, a Genghis Khan, China, it is time to show no fear, get yourself in gear, and go kick some rear. Let the dragon rise in Asia and devour and consume those who disgraced us in the past.
  2. where's she posting these days
  3. hows the pursuit of da princess? hows the world famous hitman trading team at uhh ehh worldco? sorry to make fun of hitman, im more of a loser than he is but it's still funny:)
  4. hapaboy, substitute hitman with bumya, China with US, Taiwan with Iraq.:D :D Re-Read your rant, makes perfect sense
    Our little IDIOT (bumya) keeps getting better and better.:p
    bumya, the ultimate chief in thief, has been setting the example. :(
  5. Didn't he possess a few stacks of high society and consider cashing out to pursue other things or did he wipe out?
  6. Did you move your shoeshine operation down the street? I can't seem to find you anymore.
  7. He's not trading and the princess was never his and never will be. Now I guess because he's such a complete failure he thinks China should go to war with Taiwan to give him a little self-esteem.
  8. Complete failure? Last post I saw was over the summer and he pondered starting a business and going back to school. He said he had a pad in Manhatten and a 6 six figure bank account. Thats some failure.

    It could be worse, he could end up a piker in a dead end job living in some dinky apartment telling some princess about getting a real job that he knows doesn't exist. bwahahaha.

    Anyone have a link, I'm curious about what happened to this internet fav. among traders. (well, those without the stacks are jealous... geez, pikers).

    Edit: thanks for link Rearden, just saw it after my post.

  9. That's pretty much Hitman's life. And yours apparently.
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