The latest Black Swan

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  1. Where is that black penguin's parents? They should be held accountable. We need a support group or sumpin. Who is going to want to play "go fish" with him (or her)?
  2. what color is the mail penguin on their block?

  3. "Mail" penguin? Are you referring to the 'postpenguin' on the other block?

    Yes, he is also black. The residence of the other block have been complaining that certain items of post are going missing.
  4. TGregg


    Poor bird needs federal handouts pronto! HTF is he going to get score a mate? We need lots and lots of new laws to "level the playing field" by "empowering all" and making sure the "winners in life's lottery" "pay their fair share."

    EDIT: And I cannot believe I forgot about the race card! The penguin is a super-minority and obviously the victim of discrimination by all the evil white penguins. Unfair!
  5. 151


    I think everyone has missed the point. That is obviously a wealthy penguin celebrity the black is hanging around.

    The "black" penguin was hired as a body guard. He certainly carries at least two guns at all times and has killed before.

    Look at how all the seals are just laying around pretending like they wouldnt dare eat a wealthy penguin celebrity.

    The seals are scared shitless of the black penguin.
  6. The "black" penguin was hired as a body guard.

    Are you suggesting the black penguin is a member of the Nation of Islam?