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    LOL. I want to bring a camera and interview the clowns who paid for this.

    Just for attending

    Your FREE Rich Dad™ USB Flash Drive that comes pre-loaded with a wealth of information including:
    •A powerful excerpt from Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad's Prophecy
    •Access to exclusive online tools, articles and products available to help you on your journey to financial freedom
    •Special offers for advanced training including the upcoming Rich Dad Forum featuring training sessions with both Robert and
    Kim Kiyosaki
    •And much, much more

    *Robert Kiyosaki will not attend this event.


    I think I saw him on youtube saying that his first big deal in Hawaii was when he used white-out to change financial information (or something) and get a massive loan.

    Now that this guy is the STOCK GURU, we might have found the bottom in gurus.

    I am sure that he can:

    Teach you to see trends and show you how you could have used his system and made a fortune

    Buy low and sell high, soo easy.

    Buy pullback when MA is trending up, d'uh.

    Tell you how he bought down here and sold up there

    How can anyone be smarter than this guy?


    Maybe Chuck Norris.

  2. He has multiple books on investing/real estate.
    I read one of his books (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) while traveling for business and it was rather painful. It seemed his entire theme was to get to the level where you could invest with mysterious "hedge funds" Not to mention his complete disregard for the value of an education.
    I never saw any mention of technical analysis etc...I'll have to see if my local library has that one...sit down with a cold one and be entertained for 20 minutes.
    I do love his ads that pop up from time to time spouting his seminars (and the "Bobbie won't be present" asterisk is priceless).
    Might be entertaining to attend one, though...(maybe while tipsy)
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    There is no maybe about it :mad: :mad: :mad: