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Discussion in 'Trading' started by rs7, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. I haven't been handling losing well. In fact, my lack of consistent profits recently has just caused me to throw in the towel on my three year trading career. I'm opening a bar with a friend of mine in downtown Manhattan where I'll bartend (part-time) and I'm going to pursue my dream of composing/producing music.

    I've given trading my best shot but now it's time to face reality and seek greener pastures. It's been fun but I'm taking charge of my destiny now. I will not subject myself to the capricious whim of the market! The markets will always be around in case I change my mind, but the window of opportunity to pursue my creative dreams is gradually closing. Adios ETers!

    Farewell everyone, and good luck with your trading careers!

    Peace out!:)


    You've gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em!
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    Good luck to you too. Sounds like a good decision and a fun opportunity.
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    We set off an Estes rocket with 5 short-fuzed Black Cats triggered by the ejection charge 100' over a little league game from a cow pasture 300 yards away on purpose. Also a big "device" on a deserted island "test ground":p , buried 6" ignited electrically with 150' of zip cord at dusk from inside a boat. Made a beautiful funnel-shaped orange flame about 40' high and a 3 foot crater, could probably be heard 10 miles away. Scared the poop out of us. We were shaking like leaves for about 1/2 an hour. Really stupid but when you're 14 years old you "just do it".:p
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  4. rs7 i sincerely hope you will continue to post, really. one of the best posts i ever read was your post in one of your recent threads. will you give us more? you don't have to do a lot of posting, just a gem once in a while. i am being sincere here.
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    Faster my man. Anything I can do to make you happy.....well just let me know. (can I still tease you though?)

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  6. lol it's already been said before, but...

    you two totally sound like a man and woman in bed. lmao (or shall i say, two gay men in bed.) tee-hee!
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  7. rs7, yes you can tease me but in the end you must also please me. (oh boy i can hear the jokes now:D )
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    Great post Gordon. Your usual standards of eloquence have been surpassed.
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  10. so what are your plans now?
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