The Last Rule Of Successful Trading

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  1. Success can sometimes be just one step away--- Some give up when they are just one step away. In trading a last step away could be one last trading rule you implement.

    We want to hear the last rule you implemented before you told good bye to non-successful trading. We would also like to know the last rule you have implemented or are working on implementing currently (this is useful for the folks in here who are still learning and do not know yet if it is the last rule they have to add).

    Example of such rules are: keep the size of each trade constant from trade to trade, do not fight the trend, be patient, work on yourself, etc.

    So please share your last rule (or rules if you prefer). Also if you can, please share your insight behind the rule, and benefit of your last rule.
  2. always pray before entering a trade. prefuubly to a muslim god. like akabah
  3. Hope is the greatest enemy of any trader.
  4. No. Always prey before entering a trade.

    Changing an E for an A can be make a huge difference.

    Praying does not help, but preying can help. Trading is preying?
  5. Life rule: don't get married!

    Why does a bride smile when she’s walking down the aisle?
    She knows she’s given her last blow job.
  6. Don't tell anyone your rules!:D
  7. :). Humor wise, it is a good one!
  8. Wait patiently for the profit stop to be hit.
  9. On a serious note.....big money comes from big swings which only come from looking at the big picture. And you have to be prepared to hold for weeks or months to fully capitalise on a big swing.
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    If your personal life is a mess...eventually trading will be too.

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