The last few days is like gambling

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  1. Their is no trend, the moves happen in seconds not minutes or hours, its the noisiest environment I ve seen in 5 years. Its just plain ole gambling.
  2. Would agree about today, but not previous days of this week.
  3. Not sure why people complain -- you either have trading strategies in your arsenal for different environments or you don't. If you can't trade in a certain environment, then figure out why. Don't whine about the market.

  4. mini - are you planning to post a new thread every day about how volatile the markets are? :D

    Keep in mind that just b/c your method does not work in volatile markets does not equate to gambling. Maybe it does for YOU, but other traders, such as myself, thrive on highly volatile markets.

    Again, if you like smooth and steady (aka boring), then you need to just watch from the sidelines for now. If you like action and can trade it, this week has been long overdue and I personally hope this continues for as long as possible!
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    much less noise now than in that crappy 5 points range S&P market,IMHO
  6. I couldn't agree more. "Noise" is the randomness within value. This trade is the testing of value extremes. Much more fun.
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    You need to be patient and wait for your setups. You do not need to be in a trade the entire time. Wait for the market to settle down in the afternoon if you can't handle the volatility.

    The YM will usually give you at least 2-3 good 20+point winners each day. You can make one hell of a living if you could bank 100 points per week in the ym or 10 points per week in the ES. Just wait for your setups and sit on the sidelines during the chaos.

    If you are unsure of a trade don't take it.
  8. how much more "pain" or larger stop loss or losses are needed now in order to make your 100 YM points in a week ?
  9. I think there is a special way to trade choppy days like the one you are describing. It is called "pivot plays".
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    Funny you said that scary Pumpkinhead - I just started reading "The Logical Trader" today:cool:
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