The last big crash it took 20 years before confidence came back?

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  1. I read that after the 1929 crash it took 20 years before investors(regular folks) Began to trust the markets again. Could this happen again?
  2. Look around you. It appears to have taken about 5 minutes this time.
  3. Maybe, but we haven't had THE Crash yet. More likely is that the adults of the generation during the crash NEVER come back to the market....
  4. People are so indebted, that consumer spending may well remain weak for 20 years.

    It doesn't matter what the stock market does.
  5. Paulson is now bullish with his hedgefund, sheepole are spending money they don't have, again. Seems to me confidence among fools is very strong now.
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    20 years???

    This time after the biggest credit crisis in history was allllllllllll fixed it only took 20 minutes before confidence came back.

    I know the crisis is gone but how they fixed it was just a quick fix, the problems that this economy faces moving forward is just as worse during the unfolding of the collapse of the economy just a year ago.
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  8. It is not a question of trust for many baby boomers; it is necessity. It is either stay in the market with your 401K or risk not retiring. These are their peak earning years and they are depending on having their 401k earn in place of their pensions.
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    It's got nothing to do with market confidence, don't believe the bs they teach in schools.
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    Until very recently there had been outflows from U.S. domestic mutual funds for over a year on an almost weekly basis. At the same time there were record inflows into domestic bond funds as investors sought safety. The Main Street investor missed almost all of the current bull market in stocks.
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