The largest single trading floor in the world

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  1. With 1,400 seats, 2,000 computers and 5,000 monitors, the UBS trading floor is noted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest single trading floor in the world. The floor is home to traders, sales traders, quants, technology support, executives and others among its various groups, which include fixed income, commodities, currencies, money markets, derivatives, equities, international trading, algorithmic trading, direct market access, program trading and more. UBS manages more than 1,689,000 transactions a day. The firm deals in almost every asset class and trades across almost every region. The photo gallery below will take you through the mammoth trading floor, offering both big-picture photos to illustrate the size of the floor as well as close-ups of some of the trading desks to offer more detail on the technology UBS uses. A special thank you to UBS for allowing us to feature their floor.
  2. RBS was going to build one out in Stamford that would be nearly as big or bigger, not sure if that went ahead or not.
  3. How many months before it is fully automated out of existance? :(
  4. what's this? bunch of order filling monkeys?
  5. All these facts about UBS is OLD NEWS. Will you work there?... probably not

    Will we ever work there?....highly unlikely

    Why dont you instead post something that is in the interest of us homegrown traders?.......

  6. Basically, that's it. It looks like a REALLY fun place to work but nothing extraordinary happening there.
  7. Suss, is that trading floor modeled after Enron's "trading floor", only larger. :D
  8. :D :D :D

    You earned it.

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    I've seen it before, but didn't mind seeing it again.

    The architecture looks like the ticket check in room at the airport.
  10. A lot of the seats on that floor are already taken over by IT, analysts and other non-trading personnel. Thus is part of algorithmic trading and a lot of other stuff.

    Dunno what is going on with RBS. They have been through some tough going the last year or two. (Click RBS Stamford for lotsa pix of their Stamford Building)

    Stamford may wind up in tougher shape in a couple of years, as Switzerland was whining about the effect to them if the US took away UBS' license to do business in the USA.
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