The Largest Hedge Fund in the World

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  1. Actually world's largest hedge fund is Bridgewater Associates with $17.7 billion in assets according to Absolute Return magazine, anyway looking at the top of the list really seems that quant guys really took the lead (in terms of assets, performance iss a whole different story...).
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    Nice try guys but the largest hedge fund in the world is actually Goldman Sachs. Of course they don't label themselves as such. But anybody who has read their financial reports will recognise their business model for what it is.
  3. Yes i was misled.. should be the largest hedge fund just in UK
    now is GS, 22B USD...up 96.4% last year.. ?!

    Bridgewater Associates has 20.5B USD, come 2nd
  4. You're right, my info was a bit dated (Sep 05):D, here's the Alpha magazine ranking:

    Top three hedge fund firms each grew by $9 billion over the past 12 months.

    Goldman Sachs Asset Management, with $21 billion in single-manager hedge funds, has come top of the 2006 Hedge Fund 100, Alpha magazine’s ranking of the world’s 100 biggest hedge fund management firms.

    The New York-based firm, which has seen its hedge fund assets jump by more than 85% in each of the past two years, narrowly edged out Bridgewater Associates, which came second in the rankings with $20.8 billion in hedge fund assets, and D.E. Shaw Group, which ranked third with $19.9 billion.

    All three firms grew by more than $9 billion in assets, reflecting institutional investors' appetite for scalable hedge fund investment strategies.

    Last year’s top-ranked firm, San Francisco-based Farallon Capital Management dropped to fourht place in the rankings despite growth in assets of nearly $4 billion.

    Rounding out the top five was Greenwich, Connecticut-based ESL Investments which ended 2005 with an estimated $15 billion in assets, including some $4 billion in cash.
  5. By the way I've never seen a thread where people corrected themselves so quickly...:D
  6. As of today Bridgewater has 47bln$ in pure alpha strategy.
  7. Haha.. I am just a newbie :p

    I got this figure while I was looking for the strategies used in automated trading system..

    I notice that the Treasury is much larger than the top hedge fund..

    As I come from Hong Kong, I know that our central banker is managing around 150B USD, ~7 times larger than GS's one

    However, I also know that it is very conservative and in fact it only buys US gov bond with few % gain each year

    May I know which treasuries in the world are active players in the global market which utilitizes a large sum of their money for investments ? Should I start another thread ?

    It's really terrible..if hedge funds like GS can double their size per year.. several years later it is comparable to HK government

    In case of financial crisis, I guess at that time the HKD cannot peg to USD coz of the inability to defend against speculators
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    The world's largest institutional investor is the Bank of Japan.
    The second largest institutional investor is the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), which manages emirate's excess oil reserves, estimated to be as much as $500b.
  9. Wow.. this is the reason why BOJ can control the direction of USD/JPY no matter what the market consensus I right?
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