The lack of certainty

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  1. I thought I'd post some first hand experiences regarding the whole corporations aren't hiring because of uncertainty issue.
    Most here know I got the boot a couple years ago, and have struggled since to find an appropriate position. I've been doing some project management consulting to keep busy, stay in touch and make a few bucks of course.
    During the past two weeks I have been interviewing aggressively. I have interviewed for a Plant Manager position with a mid sized manufacture, a Production Manager position with a relativity small industrial service company, a Mechanical Maintenance Planner position with one of the larger refineries in the Chicago area, and a Sales/Application Engineer position with a global company which provides industrial tooling.
    Now to the point. Every single person(s) I spoke with, which were presidents of companies and senior management people, all said the same thing. They all stated that they were having a very good year, stretched to the max as far a resources go, in need of additional people, BUT in no hurry to hire because they just don't know how long it will last.
    I guess my question is, do you think this is just an excuse not to hire anyone, used to cherry pick the workforce and pay lower wages than normally expected, some sort of self fulfilling prophecy, or actually based in reality? Personally I think it's all of the above, but the reality is this whole uncertainty thing has a very real impact on how business is being done.
    BTW, I was rejected for the Plant Managers position, still waiting on the Maintenance Planner and Sales Engineer position, and offered the Production Manager position via a VM yesterday and awaiting snail mail offer letter. Who does that anymore?:confused: If the money is anywhere near what we discussed in the interview I'll once again be fully employed, a couple steps down, but not all that hard of a hit.
    Guess I wanted to share some real world experience rather than just the continued speculation we tend to generate here.
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    We tell our prospects that so that we can let them down easy if need be.
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    Good to see that you've gotten an offer and are getting various interviews. I didn't know you were out of work.
  4. Best of luck landing a good paying gig.