The Kremlin Pedophile

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  1. The Kremlin Pedophile
    Also see this most interesting article:
  2. most wars start with the demonization of the targeted country's leader.
  3. Putin and Bush are both cut from the same cloth. They're out to screw their populations for the benefit of a few global bankers who control and fund their politics.

    One has to note that these bankers possess information on these leaders that would compromise their standing in politics. So the game becomes, " you're either with us , or against us". In the long run it pays better to be with them.
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    In america, the Psychopaths are attracted to the RepubliKKKHan party. That's why the RepuliKKKHan leaders are all corrupt low lifes voted in by their corrupt low life psychopathic inbreed "IM-moral minority" base.

    A very good book. One must read it to know why the world is always unstable.

    Also see this most interesting article:

    A final note: All of this has much more to do with Douglas Reed's book The Controversy of Zion, that you could possibly imagine.
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