The KKK In The USA

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    An interesting 4 part video documentary of the KKK, the Crypts and a rally that occurred in Memphis, Tennessee. Learn a little about KKK history, the liberal left whites, and the liberal left blacks. I think I even caught a glimpse of the ghost of Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) in the nighttime crowd after the rally.

    <a href=><b>Triple Hate</b></a>

  2. KKK is a winger organization. They try to hide behind the cross for their behavior. The same as evangelicals and Al Qaeda trying to hide behind to Koran.

    Winger organizations are almost always religious rather than secular, xenophobic rather than multicultural and social darwinists instead of social justice.
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  4. Let me provide you with a proper perspective on the KKK...
  5. Shit boy , you are the best advocate for validating the KKK's beliefs about blacks I've ever known.
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    So, you didn't watch the videos.

    I understand.

    It's a lot safer to stay in your world than to venture out into the real world.
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    evangelicals are hiding behind the koran? That's news to me.

    What's wrong with social Darwinism? If it's good enough for nature it's good enough for man.
  8. Discovery and History have both done exposes on how and why the KKK was formed. You saw a rerun. Glad you are getting up to speed tho in your dotage.
  9. What does the KKK believe about blacks, BB?
  10. 1) I suppose all the negative facts and stereotypes.
    That really should be my question to you since you're a KKK proselytizer by real life example.

    2) I'm not ben bernake.
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