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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Ivanovich, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. I was actually going to post this in metals futures, but it's not really all that relevant to trading.

    Has anyone ever taken a stroll through the Kitco forums and seen the absolute raving maniacs that frequent it? If you've not, and you have a good 10-20 minute for some laughter time, you really should. If these are the gold/silver invests in the speculative crowd, I fear for the future.

    There are posts about how Russia and china will launch an attack on the US if the US goes after Iran.

    There are posts on why gold should be going up because Venus is shadowing Uranus (and other Astrological reasons).

    There are posts on how a Chinese New Year of the Pig should be good for gold, as the pig represents fortune and it will make the Chinese invest in gold.

    And on and on...

    Calls for gold to be $2500 soon, and how 6 billion people will be dead by 2015 because of global warming.
  2. I did once for about 5mins and have never returned.

  3. forum nut jobs aside. Has anybody done biz with kitco?