The King of Cool

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    In the spring of 1963, LIFE sent photographer John Dominis to California to hang out with 33-year-old Steve McQueen, an actor with a bad-boy past, a bright Hollywood future, and an insatiable need for speed. Three weeks and more than 40 rolls of film later, Dominis had captured some astonishingly intimate and iconic images, photos impossible to imagine in today's restricted-access celebrity world. Only a handful of those photos have ever been published… but now, in celebration of what would have been McQueen's 80th birthday (March 24), presents never-before-seen gems from that legendary assignment, along with insights from Dominis about the time he spent with the man who would become known as the King of Cool.
  2. died @50 ..that's crazy :(
  3. His face looked like he was 40 years old when he was in his early 30's. It seems a lot of the actors from long ago looked older than their age.
    I also didn't realize how fit McQueen was.
  4. guys like Steve M. weren't really actors they LIVED what you saw on the screen! They aren't acting, that's why they came across so real :D
  5. Chain smoking will do that to you


  6. Cooler. I remember the motorcycle jump over barbed wire in Great Escape. Great stuff when you're a kid.
  7. 50 is old. when i am 50, i know its time to go