The kinder, gentler side of Islam

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  1. Humanity has got to get together and find out what's going wrong.

    We know that early trauma can be "etched" on the brains of humans.

    The method of human development referred to as "Muslim" is DESIGNED to produced hate and deceit.

    We then spend our lives in fear, or trying to manage the violence produced by this method of human development.

    And we wonder what is wrong. When we should prohibit our fellow human beings from being traumatized in this way.
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    You must understand that moral and everyday life issues that are discussed in the Bible, Qu'ran and Torah and that were coined into laws were created quite a long time ago.

    It is of course perceived now-a-days barbaric by Westeners like yourself or myself to circumise people, it is perceived barbaric to stone people for adultery, and the list can go on and on.

    The reason why people living in Muslims countries have been getting more and more religiously radical over the last 50 years are military and political actions performed against Muslim countries. It is Karzai, a US puppet, who introduced this year a law allowing men to beat their wives :(

    It is US that has been keeping alive Saudi corrupted monarchy. As you may know Saudi Arabia allows slavery :(

    Here is a little entertainment for you about barbaric passages in the Bible (stoning for adultery inclusive):

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  3. The saudi camel fuckers are not interested in democracy, openness, tolerance. The alternative to "Saudi corrupted monarchy" is not a democratic secular state but a Saudi Taliban with access to unlimited oil profits. What can possibly be scarier than that? Every time when the muslims have a chance to make a free choice they choose Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, Ayatollahs...
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