The kidnapped British soldiers

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  1. Did anyone else notice that the Iranians dressed the kidnapped women soldier in muslim dress??

    Does it infuriate anyone else?

    What if we captured muslim women and dressed them in christian or western outfits??

    It really pisses me off, the muslim world would be rioting, the ACLU would be suing and the left would be crying torture.

    The muslim world is a bunch of whiney children and the world sits back and coddles them and makes excuses for them.

    We better wake up and stop coddling these savages.
  2. That's why my vote will remain Republican.
  3. I'm curious....what's a Christian outfit?

  4. I am not sure what a Christian outfit is, but according to sp and jz, it should look like this:

  5. Well, they haven't stacked them naked in a pyramid, attached electrodes to their bodies, set dogs on them and any number of other horrors perpetrated in Iraq and Afghanistan. The word 'hypocrisy' comes to mind.

    I would be surprised if they are not treated reasonably, if for no other reason than PR purposes.

    The head scarf is regrettable, but a long, long way from serious mistreatment.
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    Which is just what everybody was forced to wear when Republicans controlled the Whitehouse, Senate and House of Representatives.

    Or maybe not.
  7. Yes, dead bodies have no bargaining power. :D
  8. Just goes to show how much these Bible loving god fearing republicans know their own belief systems!

    "If a woman does not cover her head, she might as well cut her hair. And since it is a shameful thing for a woman to shave her head or cut her hair, she should cover her hair" -The Bible New Testament (Do you own research where it is YOU'RE the so-called Christians, WE are the supposed GODLESS liberals who happen to know the bible better than you!)

    Many such writings about hunility before God in the New and Old Testament

    Before proclaiming loyalty to your precious republican party and what it stands for including the Bible it might pay to actually read and understand it!

    Q.Why do you think the Amish, Quaker, Brethren women cover their heads?

    A. Because they will claim say it says so in the bible

    The Amish, Quaker, Brethren are Christian, NOT Muslim. Their descendants the founders of your country, their women covered their heads.

    Many Christian nations have traditions where women have a head covering, half of European women including those 'hot' Russian women you all speak highly of

    You've never seen Audrey Hepburns 'head covering' in Breakfast at Tiffany's?

    The sluts Anna Nicole and Paris Hilton don't cover their heads but it might pay to get your own head out of the gutter. Who cares if the British woman had a head covering!
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    those sailors were kids !

    could you see the fear in their eyes?
  10. Yes, let's make excuses for them.

    What if the roles were reversed and the Brits removed their headscarves and showed their faces all over TV?

    What do you think would have been the reaction from the muslim world?

    There are two sets of rules, one for muslims and one for the rest of us and for some reason everyone gives the muslim world a pass when it comes to acceptable behavior.

    Muslims kill thousands of other muslims a year and for some reason that's not against the Koran and there are no protests in the streets and no effigy burnings and no muslim rage. The torture and behead and there is nothing but excuses made and rationalizations.

    Infantalization of some very dangrous people.

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