The Keynesians Were Wrong Again

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  1. Those who wish to promote inflation make note of the [apparent] short-term impact and sell it as a positive. Of course, it is only liars and thieves who push to promote it. (They also tell us "deflation is the great enemy". That too, is a LIE.)

    INFLATION IS THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS... always has been, always will be.
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    If inflation and wages kept up at the same pace then we have harmony but they don't. Inflation erodes buying power and only serves those at the top because it forces people into taking on debt. A generation ago a person could buy a used car with cash and pay off a new car in 3 years. Today very few can buy a used car with cash and a new car takes 6 years to pay off. This provides a constant supply of cash flowing into the banks. Those at the top are served the best by inflation. For the rest of us? Well, for the rest of us... we'll soon have to send our kids to work at the age of 10 because in another generation families will need 3 incomes to survive.

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