The Key to Trading Well

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  1. If you put a cat in a cage with a latched door, the cat, wanting to get out, will try many areas of the cage (trial and error) until finally locating the latch and opening the door and getting out. If you put the same cat in the same cage, the cat, wanting to get out, will go straight to the latch and get out in no time.

    Either you have found the latch, or the cage has no latch.
  2. Those who come to ET mostly have the same main idea: how to make stacks of money or even how to make yourself extremely rich?

    They need to know if it can be done. Almost always the answer, in attempting, is a resounding 'No'. But the only answer required is, has one person or have a very few done it. That answer is 'Yes'. Those very few may well have never been on ET but the answer is still 'Yes'.

    So coming to the analogy of the cat in the cage, the answer, in trading, is that there is always a latch. There is a latch to winning & becoming hugely successful.
  3. if there is a cat in a cage
    then its name is Garmin
  4. That's a great quote, although I'm not sure that it is originally yours.

    Regardless, what is being pointed out here is the truth.
  5. Why are you copying someone else's post?
  6. But if he gets caught again and locked in the cage is he smart enough to figure how to get out again .

    I make my biggest money by taking small profits consistently then i fall off the wagon and go for the big win and lose 3 weeks of winning in 2 days . Humans are too greedy and its hard to control ourselves.
  7. The problem isn't that he copies someone else's post to make a comment so long as we all can benefit from it.

    The problem is that he doesn't credit the original author. But we've seen him do this before, apprently this is how he is.

    If it were a personal friend, I'd just right him off, but here on the internet most anything goes, so take the benefit while pointing out that this type of behavior doesn't really gain him anything.

    FTR, most everything in our modern world is a copy of something else, or was gained from what someone else has said before ... human nature.
  8. You put yourself back in the box when you saw it right in front of you.

    That's OK, this is what we all do in some way, shape or form, and is part of the trading/learning process.
    The trick now is to talk to your "inner cat" and get it operate in agreement with what you know is for your best interests.

    Many trading coaches help traders with these issues and more:

    Here's one:

    Trading on Target

    I've seen her talk and I recommend her servivces if you're having disicpline problems ... taking here course will cost a trader much less than their screw-ups in the short-medium-long run.

    Or you can go the self-help route:
    Self Hypnosis

    Just remember, trading is:
    i) 60% psychology,
    ii) 30% money management and
    iii) 10% system

    ... and that's from van Tharp! :D
  9. If u put a cat in a cage and lock it and then strip a lamp cord and attach it to the cage and plug it in I guarantee little kitty wont get out.
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