The key to trading that I found.......

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  1. Use technicals everyone else uses. What are technicals? Artificial supply and demand.

    Use fundamentals as a basis of direction.

    Money management is key but very few ppl have that so that's just a given.

    K, now lets argue :) I'm ready
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    Could you elaborate on your definition of fundamental Please?

    When I think fundamental I think Balance Sheets/ PE ratios/ Income Statements… etc

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    No argument here

    And although I fully admit I really don’t use fundamentals (don’t know when the last time I looked at a company’s internals) - Would you elaborate on how you do?

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    Thank You Sir

    My Wife is a CPA and she has explained all this stuff to me, and how it works - I just have not found a way to incorporate it into my Day, or Swing, - Trading accounts

    Now for my Investment account I do use some fundamentals – but it’s more seasonal / cyclical in nature – and not so much company specific

    Take Care
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    Why did you start a discussion thread, then switch to "PM" on your 3rd post?

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  9. I wish.

    Nah he asked a question regarding a part of my trading I don't usually talk about openly.

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    I have to say I see no key to trading here

    with all due respect, I could take you all to school

    good luck
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